Wacker Neuson EW 100 в Челябинске

The 10-ton mobile excavator EW100 wins over with a power output, low fuel consumption and particularly user-friendly features. The minimized fuel consumption – with savings of up to 20 percent – is achieved through the new ECO operating mode, which allows for efficient work by reducing the rpm's and by adapting the pump: a plus for the environment and the wallet. The mobile excavator EW100 is particularly operator-friendly thanks to a drive pedal – for both road travel as well as working operation.

  • 30km/h top speed
  • 15% more power output with up to 20% less fuel consumption
  • Equipped with a tier IVi engine
  • Modern jog dial system, known in the automotive industry: the menu is intuitively operated via a rotary push button
  • Maximum connection options with up to 5 auxiliary control circuits, of which 3 are individually adjustable


30 km/h offer a great mobility

The EW100 drives to the job site at up to 30 km/h – this saves time, money and the additional transport.


ECO Mode

Low-consumption work and hight fuel savings.

+ 15 % power 
– 20 % consumption
+ 30 % tractive force

In comparsion to the previous model.


Modern jog dial system

As known in the automotive industry - the menu is handled intuitively by a jog dial system. Choose the perfect working mode:

  • ECO mode
    standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work.
  • HI mode
    maximum pump capacity for fast and powerful work.
  • LOW mode
    For precision work.


Emission stage 3B / Tier IVi

Environmentally friendly and economic in consumption - thanks to its exhaust emission stage 3B / Tier IVi and nearly 20% less fuel consumption. Three operating modes are available during application on the job site.


Maintanance 2.0

Connect any output device, laptop or tablet with the connection inside the cabin and instantly gain access to the maintanance diagnosis tool.

The EW100 is equipped additionally with an error code output and standard mini measurement connections.

Time is money – and downtime is expensive.


Excellent service access

Access easily the service points by the tiltable cabin and the wide opening engine hood.

All maintanance components like fuel, air, oil and hydraulics filter, the water and the hydraulics cooler are easy to access.

Рабочие параметры 

Параметры двигателя 

Гидравлическая установка  

комплект колес 

Отвальный щит 

Уровень шума  

Высота  2.989 мм  2.989 мм
B1  Ширина кабина  988 мм  988 мм
B2  Ширина поворотной платформы  2.174 мм  2.174 мм
B3  Ширина ходовая часть  2.454 мм  2.454 мм
C1  Транспортировочная длина короткая ds  7.257 мм  6.656 мм
C2  Транспортировочная длина длинная ds  7.315 мм  6.886 мм
D1  Глубина черпания макс. короткая ds  3.998 мм  3.941 мм
D2  Глубина черпания макс. длинная ds  4.298 мм  4.244 мм
E1  Глубина копания вертикально, короткая ds  3.356 мм  3.449 мм
E2  Глубина копания вертикально, длинная ds  3.648 мм  3.740 мм
F1  Высота копания короткая ds  7.294 мм  8.087 мм
F2  Высота копания длинная ds  7.483 мм  8.355 мм
G1  Высота разгрузки макс. короткая ds  5.156 мм  5.933 мм
G2  Высота разгрузки макс. длинная ds  5.346 мм  6.201 мм
K1  Радиус черпания макс. короткая ds  7.541 мм  7.812 мм
K2  Радиус черпания макс. длинная ds  7.822 мм  8.107 мм
H1  Радиус действия на полу, короткая ds  7.320 мм  7.602 мм
H2  Радиус действия на полу, длинная ds  7.611 мм  7.903 мм
Высота подъема отвал над уровнем грунта  504 мм  504 мм
Глубина копания отвал ниже уровня грунта  132 мм  132 мм
Длина ходовая часть  3.193 мм  3.193 мм
Q1  Расстояние ковша - oтвальный щит (короткая ds)  120 мм  120 мм
Q2  Расстояние ковша - oтвальный щит (длинная ds)  165 мм  165 мм
--  Угол поворота  63 °  63 °
--  Угол поворота  67 °  67 °
R2  Радиус поворота стрелы средний,  2.953 мм  3.191 мм
R3  Радиус поворота стрелы вправо,  2.707 мм  2.929 мм
R4  Радиус поворота стрелы слева,  2.424 мм  2.639 мм
Длина ходовая часть Turas  2.200 мм  2.200 мм
Ширина двойные покрышки  514 мм  514 мм
Ширина воздушный шар покрышки  530 мм  530 мм
Y1  Ширина oтвальный щит  2.465 мм  2.465 мм
Высота oтвальный щит  507 мм  507 мм
ds = dipper stick    


  • Transport weight: 9.241 - 10.461 kg (depending on equipment)
  • Width / Height / Transport length: 2.465 / 2.989 / 6.656 mm
  • Twin tires (8.25 / 20 - 14 PR)
  • Triple boom
  • Two wheel steering
  • Max. travel speed 20 km/h
  • Bracket for grabber
  • 12V-lighting according road traffic licensing regulations
  • Working light mounted to the boom
  • Tool kit. incl. grease gun and operator manual
  • Driving direction selcetion


  • Water-cooled PERKINS-Turbo diesel engine, type 854E-E34TAWF, 4-cylinders / 3.300 ccm, engine performance according to ISO 55 kW (75 HP)
  • Idle speed autm. operation
  • Electrical refueling pump


  • Safety glass cabin: tiltable cabin, cabin heating, side sliding window, top swings back, windscreen wiper and washer system, covered cab interior
  • Cabin complies with the current ROPS, TOPS and FOPS* regulation
  • *FOPS (Level I or II) compliant only when fitted with additional protective guard
  • Cabling for radio incl. aerial and speakers
  • Cabling for cab lighting and falshing beacon
  • 2 exterior mirrors (cabin left, chassis right)
  • Roller sun blind


  • 1 pump load-sensing system, pump capacity: 180 l/min
  • Variable capacity pump in closed loop with load limit sensing control (drive hydraulic), pump capacity: 145 l/min
  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive, switchable under load, with continous speed regulation in 2 drive intervals (0-6,5 km/h, 0-20 km/h)
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Hydraulic pilot control via joystick
  • Valve control according to ISO, DIN, SAE, PCSA and EURO
  • Auxiliary hydraulic connection for two directions of motion, mounted on dipperstick
  • Front axle: hydraulic controlled planetary drive axle free swinging, with hydraulic lock by using the service brack, with oil-immersed milte-plate brakes
  • Rear axle: fixed planetary drive axle with multiple disc brake, free from play, lying outside
  • Increased, depressurized hammer return line
  • Proportionally control (aux.hyd.)
  • Overload system advanced

Компания Wacker Neuson предлагает также машины под заказ:


Basic Machine

+ Automatic climate control system
+ Cab lighting front and rear
+ Radio
+ Overload valve for auxiliary hydraulic / AUXI
+ 3rd control circuit / AUX II
+ Add. piping for grapple / AUX V
+ Flashing beacon
+ Kit for road homologation
+ Dozer blade standard (rear)
+ Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX IV
+ Pilot circuit Powertilt/ AUX III
(Transport weight (+/- 2%): 9.850 kg)



Basic Machine

+ Automatic climate control system
+ Cab lighting front and rear
+ Radio
+ Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX IV
+ 3rd control circuit / AUX II
+ Flashing beacon
+ Kit for road homologation
+ Dozer blade front
+ Stabilizers rear
+ All wheel steering
+ Switching of steering logic
+ Bucket cylinder hose breakage protection
+ 30km/h
+ Rear view camera
+ Speed control
+ Air cushioned seat
(Transport weight (+/- 2%): 10.278 kg



Basic Machine

+ Automatic climate control system
+ Cab lighting front and rear
+ Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX IV
+ 3rd control circuit / AUX II
+ Flashing beacon
+ Kit for road homologation
+ Dozer blade standard (rear)
+ All wheel steering
+ 30 km/h
+ Bucket cylinder hose breakage protection
+ Pilot circuit Powertilt/ AUX III
+ Mudgards
+ Second tool box
+ Overload valve for auxiliary hydraulic / AUX I
+ Overload valve for 3rd control circuit / AUX II
+ Speed control
+ Stabilizers front
+ Rear view camera
(Transport weight (+/- 2%): 9.883 kg)


Вы также можете выбрать собственную конфигурацию изделия, основываясь на следующих вариантах:


  • Automatic climate control system
  • Air cushioned seat
  • FOPS roof Level 1
  • FOPS roof Level 2
  • Radio
  • Protective screenfront window


  • 3rd control circuit / AUX II (proportional controlled, incl. flat faced couplers)
  • Panolin HLP Synt46 (biological oil)
  • BP Biohyd SE46
  • Falt faced couplers
  • Overload valve for 3rd control circuit / AU XII
  • Overload valve for auxiliary hydraulic / AUX I
  • Addit. piping for grapple / AUX V (Incl. flat faced couplers)
  • Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX IV
  • Pilot circuit Powertilt/ AUX III


  • Special paint machine RAL (for parts in yellow only)
  • Special paint machine no RAL (for parts in yellow only)
  • Special paint cabin/canopy RAL (RAL colours only)


  • Security 24 C (2000)
  • Security 36 C (3000)
  • Security 48 C (4000)


  • 30 km/h
  • All-wheel steering (incl. all-wheel and two-wheel steering, crab steering)
  • Fluid film (Conservation)
  • Manufacturer's confirmation
  • Mudgards
  • Rear view camera
  • Telematics Europe 12 months
  • Telematics Europe 24 months
  • Telematics Europe 36 months
  • Telematics Europe 48 months
  • Telematics Europe 60 months
  • Telematics Europe 72 months
  • Speed control
  • Flashing beacon
  • General operating license (ABE) D
  • Working lights front and rear
  • Balloon tires (500/45-20 18PR)
  • Drive signal
  • Long dipper stick (+ 300 mm)
  • Dozer blade rear (parallel guided)
  • Dozer blade front
  • Stabilizers front
  • Stabilizers rear
  • Bucket cylinder hose breakageprotection
  • Kit for road homologation (incl. triangle, first-aid box, holder for registration plates, Falshing beacon is obligatory)
  • Switching of steering logic
  • Drive interlock KAT
  • Second toolbox
  • Engine oil service valve

Assembled Attachment

  • Mechanical quick hitch system MS08
  • Easy Lock
  • EasyLock + Powertilt
  • EasyLock + Powertilt + Load Hook

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